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Abigail R. Kies, MBA

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Play To Win Coaching is committed to empowering people in all of their relationships - business and personal - and contributing to businesses, communities, and families in an ongoing lasting manner:  when you win, we win.

Does "Leadership" Have Any Meaning Left?
People throw around the words "leader" and "leadership" all the time.  It's often at the top of a resume, and in interviews people are quick to list that as one of their strengths.  In meetings and motivational workshops, people talk about creating leaders.  So... what is leadership?  What does it mean?  

Here's my definition, and what I work with my clients to achieve...  Leaders empower others.  Leadership is not a role, position, or to-do list, but rather a way of being - powerful, responsible, committed, and risk-taking.  It demands authenticity, integrity, and contribution.

Anyone at any level in any position can step into leadership at anytime.  At Play To Win Coaching, I work with you to define your goals and create extraordinary tangible results for your organization, family, community, and world.

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