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Abigail R. Kies, MBA

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"The most important thing I learned from coaching is to recognize how I want TO BE in every aspect of my life, determine what it takes to accomplish that, and put it into action through various methods.  Coaching has taught me that being highly aware of my feelings and experiences is the key to remaining connected to what I want to accomplish.  Also, not dwelling on past experiences, or using past behavior as an excuse/reason for not being able to accomplish things now.  -- Specifically, I have accomplished: greater efficiency at work and home and have also lost weight.  Coaching is definitely helping me achieve how I want to be in my life." 


-J, Catering Manager 

"Abigail is a naturally amazing coach and I truly feel lucky to be working with her.  She has helped me visualize my path with step-by-step milestones and assisted me with practical organizational tools.  She is thoughtful, insightful, and always ready with the right question to help get me unstuck and moving forward.  Abigail has a gift for keeping the conversation focused and positive.  Most of all, she is entirely non-judgmental, exceptionally constructive, and committed to helping her clients realize their goals.  Personally, I can see how much she believes in me and I always leave our sessions empowered, full of passionate determination to do whatever it takes to achieve my visions.  If she has time and you have the opportunity to work with her, seize it!"


-Stephen Oriel Newman, JD, MBA

"Abigail helped me focus my energy on the positive aspects of my life and what was working well.  She has a passion for facilitating excellence through commitment, integrity and leadership.  Her experience and professionalism shows . (Johns Hopkins University graduate, entrepreneur, leader, coach, volunteer).  I found her to be a valuable resource not only in helping me deepen my level of commitment in my business endeavors, but in my personal relationships as well."
-Susan ThomasMAJI Consultancy

"Abigail's coaching is direct, authentic and always supportive.  The results?  Breakdowns and breakthroughs and the rebirth of a loving, caring, compassionate, powerful woman."


-Mary Cataudella, Assistant VP HR Maimonides Medical Center  

"My experience of Abigail is that she is authentic, outward focused, in contribution, caring and giving unconditionally. She is a "Go To" person for coaching. She has been a positive influence on me throughout my leadership training."


-Morris Mayer, Sales Manager Ultimate Services

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