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Career Management

Abigail R. Kies, MBA

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Marketing Yourself as the Offer You Are
Career Coaching and Resumes

Career Coaching
Through tailored career coaching, you'll learn to...

    * Manage your career and find your next position
    * Create resumes that get results
    * Network with comfort and ease
    * Find hidden opportunities
    * Ace your interviews

Resume Writing
Contact us today to create a resume that matches the high quality offer you are to your future colleagues.

Resumes are first impressions - your opportunity to market yourself to prospective employers and partners.  Their purpose isn't to tell your whole story, but rather to catch the reader's attention and appeal to his/ her needs.  The Play To Win Coaching commitment is to work with you to create clear authentic powerful documents that will do just that - impress, intrigue, and inspire people to speak with you about mutually beneficial opportunities.  The best resumes aren't just lists of impressive positions and accomplishments.  Rather, they are a clear articulation of the offer you are to the reader.  While this distinction may be subtle, it is what makes one resume easily passed over while the other stands out and generates an enthusiastic response.

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."  - Albert Einstein.
Our expertise will support you in realizing that opportunity now.  We look forward to working with you and supporting you in your job search.
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